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Office Hours with David J. Malan

The popularity index of David J. Malan ’99, the lecturer of the hugely popular but also notoriously brutal Computer Science (CS) 50 course at Harvard College, skyrocketed after Harvard Thinks Big, a recent collaborative effort between the CEB, HUTV and … Continue reading

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Kathleen’s Guide to Facebook Stalking

It’s Facebook Official, So It’s Real. Obvi. By Kathleen French ‘13 We all do it. You first go through all the profile pictures—to see the best they have to offer. Then you scan the recent tags—to see what they really … Continue reading

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PfoHo House Masters – Nicholas & Erika Christakis

By Bonnie Cao You remember that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when John Corbett rolls up to the tiki torch-lit Portokalos house with his parents, and they’re all introduced by Toula’s father – mid-roasting a pig on a … Continue reading

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Sex Toys: Your New Best Friend

By Christine Yu, Lena Chen, and ‘Hand Solo’ I’m as big a fan of self-love as a newly sexually-awakened postpubescent, but sometimes a couple of digits just won’t do. That’s when I reach for my favorite vibrator made by Fun Factory, … Continue reading

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